Who are we?

Children for Christ is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation.

Children for Christ was founded by David Young in 1981, an architect / town planner who had just spent four years working full time in starting Children's Clubs for the Uniting Church in South Australia and Queensland.

David then started working independently out of a shed at the rear of his house in Adelaide. David's vision was to help all Christian denominations which had a desire to reach outside children and win them to Christ. Children for Christ has now grown and is in South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Our mission is to reach children with the Gospel of Christ and to help them grow in their faith.

We do this in three ways:


Children for Christ Inc (SA branch) is based in Beverley and we specialise in craft kits made on site. Each pack contains enough for 4 children to make craft. We also have curriculum and resources for your Children's Ministry.
These include: Attractive Kids Club programmes give a Christian moral code and provide a sound basis for personal behaviour to an impressionable group.
Parents who are not churchgoers find these after school kids clubs and holiday programmes an attraction for their children, and they know that we also impart spiritual values. The response from these parents is positive.

With Australia's population increasing, and church attendance declining, the average age of churchgoers is getting older, and children are the least reached group.


On invitation from churches we conduct:


Our vision is one of helping the local church in Leader/Teacher training. We have developed workshops on various subjects including: the need to reach children, presenting the Gospel, story telling, lesson preparation, discipline. how to start and maintain a regular Kid's Club, and much more! Contact us to find out more details.

The services we provide include: